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The Impact of Low-Friction Wheel Bearings on Hybrid Vehicles

Eco-friendliness is a modern way to describe any equipment that makes the attempt to leave the environment untouched or unharmed. In regard to commercial vehicles, it can be an innovative mechanical feature that is trying to cut fuel consumption, decrease carbon dioxide emission and significantly improve overall engine performance. Carbon dioxide emissions have drastically increased due to human activity. In response to this environmental problem, the automotive industry and some engineering companies have designed and introduced eco-friendly utility equipment such as hybrid vehicles. These innovative vehicles can lead the way in terms of cost-effectiveness with the contribution to the cause of lower oil consumption and longer vehicle mileage.

Along with this timely innovation is the development of new types of products that could market hybrid trucks in the global arena. Along these lines, low friction wheel bearings were brought into existence by a Swedish company known as SKF (AB SKF), that patented a multi-row self-aligning radial ball rolling-element in 1907 and went on to found Volvo AB in 1926.

Low friction wheel bearings were created to withstand high loads, help to save fuel, offer optimum shock resistance and smooth operation, be stable and be easy to maintain. SKF is the largest manufacturer of these rolling-element devices in the world and continuously produces efficient designs with superior quality products that will not compromise environmental sustainability.

Revolutionary technological advancements in this field have included the creation of various low-friction wheel bearings, consisting of X-tracker hub units, turbocharger units, rotor positioning units and sensor units used for electric motors.

Different Types of Units

Low-Friction X-tracker – This is an asymmetrical hub bearing unit that was made for high-speed cars or for rough road conditions type of driving. The impact of this piece of equipment is the reduction a large percentage of carbon dioxide emission as well as contributing to total vehicle power-loss reduction. The X-tracker hub unit has a parallel bearing arrangement which increases its load-carrying capacity and service life while increasing its durability. This type of low-friction wheel bearing contributes greatly to road performance and stability on all type of vehicles including luxury cars.

Turbocharger – This is another innovative development utilizing ceramic rolling balls. It is not difficult to assemble and has a parallel ball bearing arrangement to minimize frictional loss. This fact reduces fuel consumption and decreases carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to the usual such components. An additional feature includes the integration of wear-resistant ceramic rolling elements that can endure extreme temperatures, minimize noise and have high loading capacity when running at high speeds. The unit is made of aerospace-quality steel, reinforced steel and sports a polymer cage design. This modern ball bearing unit is thought to improve overall engine performance, improve running accuracy and improve fuel efficiency.

Rotor Positioning – This bearing is used for electric power-steering systems. The rotor positioning unit is exclusively designed to produce high mechanical performance, decrease fuel consumption and reduce air pollution emissions. This advanced technology is made up of powerful alternators and control systems to stop and reboot the engine in a smooth manner. It is made of durable magnetic bearings that can resist extra pressure and mechanical vibrations. This unit is not only compatible for electrical systems of many modern vehicles but also for hybrid electric motors.

Sensor – The sensor bearing unit is a multidisciplinary-engineering-designed machine that utilizes mechanical, electronic, computer, control and systems design engineering to come up with useful products. This is a combination of sensor-body and impulse-ring-bearing that is connected with each other and is thought to be essential in achieving higher quality signal generation and transmission.

For hybrid vehicles, the low-friction version of bearings will significantly improve machine performance, help improve fuel efficiency, protect the environment and provide potential savings to the consumer. The strong effect of these automotive industry designs is directed to a greener vehicle that will not generate a negative effect to peoples health and the environment as a whole.

How to Avoid Automotive Repair Fraud

Too many automotive centers are taking advantage of the consumer’s lack of knowledge about their vehicles when it comes time for repairs. Used Cars also can be a good choice. While there are many trustworthy shops that do honorable and reliable work, there are always places that are quick to take the consumer’s money while not making the necessary repairs.

Car repair

The government, the press, Better Business Bureaus, and other consumer rights advocates are working hard to intervene, and while some shops are getting caught and being indicted with fraud, too many are still under the radar and getting away with it.

Here are some tips on how to become better educated about your vehicle so that when repair work is needed, you will have a better understanding of what is actually being done.

Talk to Everyone

The most important thing, of course, is to find a reputable place that’s been in business for several years. The best way to find this kind of information is to ask your family and friends where they have their vehicles maintained. Ask your coworkers and anyone whose opinion you value. Why do they like the shop they frequent, what their fees are, and how long they have been using that particular place? This is where doing a little research will save you a ton of headaches and a lot of money.

When its time to take your vehicle to the shop, be very specific in what you are there for. For example, if you are replacing tires, let them know you are there just for tire work. If the service advisor tells you that you need additional work done, question why it’s needed. If you feel the mechanic is trying to upsell you unnecessary repair work, this should raise a red flag. You have every right to request a quote for their suggested repairs and get a second opinion.

Don’t be Shy

There are times when a service adviser may tell you that you need new brakes or that you have a leak, both of which can be relatively easily spotted when the vehicle is in the air and the wheels are off the vehicle. This is generally the time these types of potential problems are found. Ask the adviser for measurements of components that are worn, such as the brakes, and ask if you can take a look for yourself. If you feel they are not being forthcome with the information you need in order to make a decision, or they will not allow you to view the problem, do not approve the repair. Most reputable shops have no problem with these kinds of requests.

If you need major repairs, such as engine replacement or transmission repairs, always get a second opinion from another reputable shop. If you have built up a good relationship with your existing shop, this may not be necessary. But if this is the first time you have brought your vehicle to a new shop it’s important to get that second opinion.

If it’s not practical to move your vehicle, take the time to get “ballpark” estimates by telephone. Reputable shops understand the need for their customers to get additional quotes. It’s in their best interest to accommodate you in any way they can in order to get and keep your business.

Be Prepared

Be a knowledgeable consumer. Read your owners manual and be prepared for the regular wear and replacement work that will arise every few thousand miles. Keep your vehicle on its proper maintenance schedule and when larger problems arise, you are not hit unawares with a huge expense.

It costs money to own a vehicle and keep it in good repair, and it can cost more than you bargained for if you are not careful. Don’t be afraid to ask for input from others and gather as much information along the way as you can. Being prepared, you stand a much better chance of avoiding automotive repair fraud. Please visit Auto Village for detail.

Automotive Motor Oil Change Frequency

Believe it or not your vehicle is made up of thousands and thousands of parts the majority of which are metal in origin and composition. It is a known fact in the work of mechanics that metal rubbing against raw metal creates great friction, and wear and tear on the metal surfaces in collision with each other. Thus without adequate lubrication from oil type lubricants you’re the motor in your vehicle – be it car, truck or S.U.V. would not last long and would thus have a very short life span.

There are some partly or wholly non-petroleum oils which are referred to as “synthetic oils”. According to manufacturers of these synthetic oils , a car or truck can be driven up to 30,000 miles ( 50,000 km) without the requirement or need for an oil change. The most grueling auto racers use premium synthetic oils almost exclusively. All sorts of claims have been made for synthetics which after all were developed for tank use on the Russian front in WW2. The most vital and important claims reduced friction , reduced wear, improved fuel economies , and extended oil change interval times. While no motor oil will eliminate engine wear, synthetics do offer measurable improvements in engine life according to Alberta based auto industry analyst M. L. Labovitch. How much of course is of course still subject to tremendous and ongoing heated debate and debates. In terms of flow characteristics most synthetics flow like water at – 40 degrees Celsius below zero , a temperature point where most conventional motor oils and even Russian vodka freezes solid. If it happens ( as it sometimes does in case of limited or no routine auto maintenance and service) that the oil filter itself is so dirty that motor oil cannot pass through the oil filter, in most cases a bypass valve will open and the motor oil goes directly to the moving parts. There are some partly or wholly non-petroleum oils which are referred to as “synthetic oils”. According to manufacturers of these synthetic oils , a car or truck can be driven up to 30,000 miles ( 50,000 km) without the requirement or need for an oil change. The most grueling auto racers use premium synthetic oils almost exclusively. What are the drawbacks of synthetics ? Price is the primary concern with synthetics costing from three to five times as much as conventional motor oils and lubricants. But just considering the increased length of time between oil change intervals they provide, the real cost difference may not be all that great by any means or manner of form. Some people just must have top of the line – the very best lubricant money can buy – even dirty un-cleaned motor oil if necessary. It seems that half a loaf of bread is better than no bread at all, or in this essential though lubrication provide by dirty, as opposed to more pure, lubricating fluids.

The oil drain plug is in the oil pan at the the bottom of the engine. This has to be removed with a solid wrench or socket. If you do the work yourself as you remove the plug, be careful not to let hot oil drip onto your hand or arm. It usually and generally goes through the camshaft, up to lubricate the valve lifters and rocker arms, then down to the crankshaft, the pistons and down the inside interior walls of the engine’s cylinders. Gravity brings the motor oil eventually to the oil, where the process begins again. In this way, the motor-oil lubricates all engine parts, cooling the surface and surfaces and reducing wear. In addition the motor oil and oils also act as a liquid washer and sealant around the pistons. Motor lubricating oil serves to seal the area on the circumference of the pistons. This way none of the air/ fuel mixture that is compressed for the combustion purposes, – to drive your motor and power plant, can escape. As a result the lubricating oil acts in addition to simple lubricant benefits to increase engine power and horsepower and maintains a far more powerful and efficient power plant that would be available otherwise.

Most motorists take their engine oil for granted. Multiviscosity is a most highly desirable characteristic in an auto engine motor oil and lubricant. If the oil is relatively thin at low temperatures, it will flow easily overall and provide good lubrication. This is especially important in the cold northern Alberta winter time climate. From the time the engine starts in the minus 40 degree temperature and the engine oil begins to flow more engine wear and tear occur than in thousands and thousands of normal driving in warmer more moderate ambient temperatures. Current auto industry recommendations and protocol in 2010 is to start the vehicle and bring the temperature up to its normal operating temperature. The motorist can do this simply by letting the engine run for 10 to 20 minutes . Take care not to run the car in an enclosed space, underground garage or a garage with the large door ways closed. Dangerous fumes and carbon monoxide poisoning can result.
In one tragic terrible case a home owner left the auto running in an attached garage. The CO fumes entered the home poisoning his family – especially if are in extreme conditions such as commercial taxi or police use or drive in a very cold climate in the winter time.

Finding The Right Connectors For Automotive Electronics

Automotive wiring continues to be an important element of modern car design. With so many manufacturers adding in the latest technological advances to their cars the need for quality components and electronic systems makes it possible for drivers to connect their mp3 player, navigation and cell phone through a consol on their dash board.

For many drivers the options of entertainment are making it possible for them to enjoy virtually every modern convenience as they are seated behind the wheel. While the newer vehicles that are on the road are being equipped with satellite and digital entertainment components at the factory a number of people are upgrading their cars to include a DVD entertainment system or an in-dash navigation that can operate their cell phone through Bluetooth technology.

Requiring the right T-taps and butt connectors to link their new toys to the battery and fuse panel electrical installers are able to rewire a car and add the devices that drivers are buying aftermarket.
Knowing how to wire the fuses and relay the connections from the battery to the individual electronic components requires the right training and knowledge of how to follow a schematic.

Ensuring that the devices have the proper amperage and voltage running to them the installers can upgrade any vehicle that is making use of the new technologies available today. Even going as far as to change out the motors and T-taps that control the automatic locks and windows it is possible to wire the electronics of a car so that it will look and sound its very best. As many people purchase upgraded stereo equipment the wiring and connections that lead from the factory installed system make it possible for someone to use the existing speaker wire and add their components by using the appropriate fuses and connectors.

With all of the items that add security and convenience to a car there is as much if not more to the electrical system as there is running the engine. Powering everything in the vehicle from the headlights to the windshield wipers and the stereo to the rear defroster, the use of electronics rely on the battery and alternator to keep up with the demands of today’s technology focused driver.

Using a series of butt connectors and relays to bring each new device online people that are updating their older vehicles with modern devices are able to find all of the automotive electrical components that they need to deliver the entertainment, navigation and security that they are looking for as they bring their car in line with the newer models that have all the bells and whistles already included in them.

Three Automotive Services Every Car Needs

Taking care of your car could take up a lot of time. Car fanatics could argue that its all part of the pleasure in owning a car. On the other hand, other will say its something that needs to be done just to keep the car running. The bottom line is both car owners are delighted with the idea of an auto service garage that offers all the automotive services a vehicle needs.

A master mechanic knows just what a car needs and at the same time has the automotive services to fulfill it. In other words, a good auto service garage doesnt cater to a specific kind of vehicle. The more automotive services it can offer the better. That means customers dont have to hop from one garage to the other. At the same time, the mechanics can completely own up to what they have started with.

Several automotive services any car repair shop should have are the following:

Tune Ups

Cars need maintenance services. That means the engine needs to be checked on regular intervals to make sure that it is in perfect condition. Advancements in tune up services are ideal because vehicles are also affected by technological developments. If your car is one of the newest models, a proper tune up involves a diagnostic scanning of your its onboard computer systems. This could be one of the most costly automotive services your car can experience. But if your car is the expensive type, its just logical to give it the treatment it needs including skills from the expert mechanic.


Another of those most common automotive services your car needs is transmission. Most cars nowadays use fuel injections which could be really complicated for the unskilled mechanic. Transmission replaces about 25% of the contaminated fluid, leaving behind 75% of the old fluid to mix with the new. This sounds simple, but the latest technology is required to make it right.

Timing belts replacement

Car owners should know that timing belts should not remain permanent on a car. In the past, chains were used instead of belts but that produced too much noise so the belts were introduced. Belts are not really costly, but it takes experience to be able to replace them correctly. If you do not avail of this specific service, your engine could get seriously damaged.

Smart And Safe Automotive Electronics

We live in an age of information and technology that has made everything around us smarter. Electronic and digital components have made life easier in our homes, offices, and automobiles.

Some of life’s bells and whistles, like nose hair trimmers, are no more than budget-grabbing gizmos. However there are many intelligent tools that can bring convenience and safety to our daily tasks.

In the vast world of “smart” technology, the automotive electronics market is king. Indispensable features such as anti-lock braking systems and electronic stability control are perfect examples of smart and safe automotive electronics.

Recent developments by industry experts have created a huge increase in the number of electronic devices installed at automotive plants. Just to give you an idea of how quickly cars have evolved electronically, the Apollo 11 space craft traveled to the moon and back using a mere 150 kilobytes of onboard memory. It’s remarkable to think that the typical CD player uses a whopping 500 kilobytes just to keep our favorite songs from skipping. Listening to uninterrupted music is a mere iota of how electronics have impacted a car’s performance in order to benefit drivers.

Telematics is the term used for the technology that involves automobile communication systems. The term was originally used to describe the blending of telecommunications and informatics or information technology. This industry has been gaining more and more attention from car manufacturers over the past years. In the mid-1990s, industry insiders predicted that telematics would become “the” go-to technology; increasing overall sales and more importantly, transforming the automotive industry into a major player in mobile technology. In reality, these forecasts panned out to be less than what was predicted. From an initial industry projection of over $40 billion dollars, the figure has been whittled down to half as more conservative measures were considered.

Nevertheless, that is by no means an indication that the development of this telematics technology has been or will be abandoned. In fact, on average automobile manufacturers spend $2000 on electronic systems for every vehicle that comes off the line — in incredible increase from the $110-per-car budget of the early 1970s. This huge increase in spending is reflected in everything from engine performance to entertainment systems, security features to safety devices. Every component of the vehicle works together to provide automobiles that perform better, are more comfortable, and ultimately safer to drive.

Some of the most common smart and safe automotive electronics are as follows:

Controller Area Network
More than one computer runs your car. There is actually a network of computers called the Controller Area Network (CAN). Like a LAN (Local Area Network) that’s commonly used in home and business computers, the CAN links computers together. In your vehicle, the CAN basically links the many separate computer systems together and allows them communicate with each other. These interconnected systems involve everything from critical systems like engine management, cruise control and anti-lock brakes and cruise control, to less-demanding applications like automatic window and seat controls.

Fuel Efficiency
Skyrocketing fuel prices have forced automotive manufacturers to realize the need for fuel-efficient vehicles, and to meet that demand. Smart automotive electronics are used to create the more efficient burning of fuel, such as the electronic fuel injection system (EFI). The technology used in hybrid vehicles takes this one step further, with electronic devices that allow the driver to automatically switch between gas and electric engines.

Safety Devices
There are generally two categories of devices designed to protect the safety of the driver and passengers: active and passive safety devices.

  • Active safety devices: These are systems that constantly work to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Examples of active safety devices are dynamic steering response (DSR), traction control (TCS), and acceleration slip regulation (ASR). While the average driver may not notice these systems at work, they are constantly sensing road and driving conditions and adjusting the car’s performance accordingly to create a safer ride. Electronic Stability Control has been shown by researchers to have a large safety benefit in reducing single vehicle skids.
  • Passive safety devices: While these features may be more visible and seem simpler, they are also controlled by smart and safe automotive electronics. Thanks to developments in electronics and technology, airbag deployment has seen a tremendous amount of improvement over the years. Early airbags would deploy too early or too late, offering little or no benefit to the driver and passengers. Now, more advanced systems have created devices in your car that are actually programmed to the conditions that can lead to a high collision impact. Airbag and seating adjustment systems are deployed to minimize impact and decrease the degree of injury to the people inside the vehicle. Think of the advancements over just a decade, and you’ll agree that the car of today certainly is a far cry from its predecessors. Modern automobiles offer more than simply a means of getting from point A to point B. Smart and safe automotive electronics make “getting there” as comfortable and as secure as possible.

The Way To Find The Very Best Vehicle Insurance

Acquiring ar insurance over a limited finances mght be difficult to o. You wold like the ideal insurance coverage, ut you is onl ble to afford a whole lot. n tis page, we will supply some beneficial strategies fr finding high quality vehicle insurance insurance coverage ith limited funds. Read on to learn moe.

T save money in you vehicle insurance, select auto brand nam that i ot gong to require a reat insurance policy cost. s an examl, risk-free vehicles imilar to Honda Accord are muh lss costly t insure than sporting activities autos uch as a Mustang convertible. While aving a convertible ar migt apear more desirable at te eginning, a Honda costs signficantly lss.

If you re a fresh motorist and prices vehicle insurance, tink bout going for a driver’s education course, rgardless f whether you express wll not demand driver’s schooling t earn you certification. Having this type of program ithin you buckle displays or insurance provider ou ar interested in bing a less dangerous vehicle driver, nd an earn u a significnt discount.

hen selecting ew o sed ar, don’t overlook t aspect n te cost of insurance. h ideal auto ill cme with an insurance policy premium tat pushes te payment per month fom our reach. Perform a little esearch prior to goig buying. ou will fin common rates fr diffrent auto models o-lin, o your insurance plan dealer an provide tis to suit yor eeds.

ith auto insurance, t lower your insurance deductible rate is, the greatr you ave t pay out of budget hen investing n into a crash. A reat ay to spend les on yur automobile insurance s always to decide t pay a increased insurance deductible price. his mens the insurance company as got to pay ot lot lss wn you’re in an incident, an ths yor monthly premiums lowers.

ere you aware tat a straightforward function n yur automobile lke anti-secure braking ystem entitles ou to an insurance discounted? It’s real te more secure yor vehicle i, the significantly less you may ultimately e forced t pay fr vehicle insurance. hen when ou’e shopping round for ny automobile, investing littl extra fr safety features is rewarded i the long term trough reduced rates.

ake a ourse on safe traveling. ery fist, yo will wat to examine and ee hen your automobile insurance company delivers ny reduced prices fr safe driving ar lessons. lot of do. aving undertaken on mght be eligible you for ny discounted. h courses ae not expensive nd in most cass sually do ot acquire ver a week r two t complete.

hen you are shopping for car insurance for the adolescent ar owner, gt quotations fr bot adding thm i your insurance plan and then for investing i a independent insurance policies. Generall it will liely be les expensive t incorporate a new vehicle driver n your current insurance policy, ut tere can be conditions aftr it s cheaper t acquire a diffrent insurance policy.

etting yur VIN variety imprinted nto the home window can lessen you insurance costs round 15 %. ften the VIN amont is alrady imprinted into the car’s window, ad oftn will increase th buying price of te auto $300 t $900. You cn lso etch the telephone numbr in the windowpane on yur own for $19.95.

If you wish to buy a SUV, yu have t know tese autos are definitely the mot robbed a single. ecause of thi you shoul ave an insurance that includes te robbery f your on cr, wich this insurance policies ar probably oing to be quite pricey. Perhps ou wll discover somthig ifferent compared to SUV.

In oder to pay muh les t your insurance policy, cease traveling our automobile. Sounds straightforward, ut t’s powerful as long s you insurance carrier offers discounts fr cars ith lower mileage. Uing the bus or wandering mre oftn ar able to keep your automobile from the garage ad save a little money n the costs. Yo may even drop a lb r two!

Hre is my web blog – where can i get cheap temporary car insurance Gtting mch more cars than one demands is a ay to shell out sevel ha to be investing n insurance. y offering r saving automobiles or nother type tat person will not ue frequently they may no longer be forced to pay insurance n that automobile. t would conserve them cash awy from their insurance.

Even your actual age can enjoy a ig factor n the purchase price ou will proably purchase automobile insurance. Statistically speaking, motorists ver t age of 55 and younger than 25 e noticeably uite likely gong t car mishaps compared with grownups in middle f the-existence. ven if ts sould nt be transformed, you may wish to compare insurance options across businesses ome spot mch less concentrate on te age of the covered wit insurance et togther.

Purchasing vehicle insurance s vital, bt it ca also be plenty of function. Tt sad, on you learn what ou’re performing, you may et a insurance policy which fits your life-style along ith you automobile, lthough staying way from ripoffs. So, d a favor by doing study n utilizing te earlier mentioned tips to you car insurance acquiring.

What Is Causing The Premature Failure Of Automotive Batteries

A German manufacturer of luxury cars revealed that 400 SLI battery (Starting-Lighting-Ignition = start / Lighting / Ignition) was returned under warranty, 200 of them were working well and had no problem,such as Dell xps m1730 battery. The low load and stratification are the most common causes of apparent failures. The automaker revealed that the problem is more common on large luxury cars with optional accessories that use a lot of energy on low-end models.

In Japan, the failures of hp Pavilion DV1000 battery are the biggest complaint among new car owners. The average car is driven only for 13 km (8 miles) per day, mainly in cities with traffic congestion. Accordingly, the batteries will never fully charged and sulfation occurs. The batteries in cars in Japan are small and do not provide enough energy to start the engine and perform some rudimentary functions. North America may be protected from these battery problems, partly because driving distances are longer.

A good battery performance is important,like the Dell xps m1330 battery.because the problems blured customer satisfaction during the warranty period. Any required maintenance is recorded and the number published in trade magazines during this time. These data are of great importance among the potential buyers worldwide.

The malfunction of the battery is rarely caused by a defect in factory driving habits are the most common culprits. Too much electrical energy may be withdrawn for the distance traveled. Accordingly, the battery does not get its full load of regular maintenance, a requirement which is so important to the longevity of a battery-lead acid. According to a European manufacturer of automotive batteries to market leadership, the factory defaults are less than 7% of the total.

It is difficult to achieve a rapid and reliable assessment of failures of batteries. The most used Dell vostro 1510 battery testers simply take readings of the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps = Current cold start) and voltage. The capacity, which is the most important measure of a battery is not available. While making read-only CSF is relatively simple measure of the capacity is extremely complex devices that offer this feature are expensive. For this reason, most devices for measuring capacity are still based on the application of a full discharge and recharge. This procedure is commonly used in lab environment. The concept of time does not permit this for the servicing sector.

The Spectro CA-12 Cadex Electronics is the first in a series of Dell latitude d531 battery testers upscale, which is capable of measuring capacity, CCA and state of charge (SOC = state of charge) in a single test not disruptive. The technology is based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) multi-model. The system injects 24 excitation frequencies ranging from 20 to 2 000 Hz. The signals are regulated at 10mV / battery to remain within the linear portion of the battery voltage (thermal battery voltage) of lead-acid couple. This allows stable readings for small and large batteries.

The test lasts 30 seconds, during which about 40 million transactions are processed. A patented algorithm analyzes the data and final results are displayed in capacity, CCA and state of charge. The Spectro CA-12 for batteries is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Spectro CA-12, the tester of automotive batteries.
This device is the first in a series of battery testers that displays capacity, CCA and state of charge. A patent using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy multi-model has been given to Cadex Electronics.

The developed battery testers are designed to work in a range of preconfigured test,for one thing ,the Dell latitude d820 battery testers . Contrary to a photocopier that duplicates any document on the glass shelf, a battery tester fast high-end needs to know the battery type, nominal capacity, CCA and tension. In addition, a matrix is required and it is in relation to her readings are compared. These matrices include the family of current SLI sealed batteries, deep cycle batteries, those with glass fiber mat absorbent (GMTs = Absorbent Glass Mat), those with a spiral wound design and those used for gel-type chairs Wheel and people carriers. Matrices can also be developed to test the batteries containing lithium and nickel. The Spectro CA-12 is capable of storing 5 groups of matrices selectable menu to perform the maintenance of most common battery banks.

When will be available early next year, the Spectro CA-12 will include most usual matrices. The new matrices can be added while scanning the Dell inspiron 510m battery of the same model and different levels of performance using the CA-12 down a particular program. Before scanning, the batteries must be prepared by a program of discharge / charge set. Using the software “PC companion”, the data collected are sent home Cadex where engineers assemble the code and return a functional matrix to the user for download to the tester.

Vehicle Maintenance A Safe Vehicle For Your Teen Driver

Last month, we discussed the safety of your teenage driver by considering five crucial driving rules. Now, let’s discuss another important step to make sure your teen is safe behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s important to make sure that all recommended vehicle maintenance has been performed on a timely basis. An inexperienced teen driver may not be aware of signs of basic car maintenance issues.

To make sure your teen is as safe as possible while driving, be sure to take care of basic vehicle maintenance, including:

Spark plugs and wires Keep them clean of dirt and corrosion. Inefficient spark plugs decrease vehicle performance and fuel mileage.
Caps (fuel tank, radiator, brake and transmission fluids) Make sure caps are tight and seals are good to keep out water and debris.
Headlights Clean cloudy and dirty headlights.
Tires Properly inflated tires wear more evenly and increase gas mileage. Check the inflation pressure frequently as changes in temperature can make it fluctuate. Rotate tires on a regular basis to prevent premature tread wear.
Car Interior Set the example by teaching your teenager to keep the interior clean–wash floor mats, windows, interior lights, and dash board. They may not enjoy it now, but they will appreciate it as they get older.
Air filter Have it checked and changed as necessary to keep the circulating air clean.
Fluid levels Have the level of all critical fluids checked frequently and top-off as needed.
Wiper blades Be ready for the rainy season by replacing old wiper blades. Make sure the washer fluid reservoir is filled and clean.
Oil Change Have regular oil changesthe key to a longer lasting car

As a parent or guardian, you are the number one influence in molding your teenager into a safe and capable driver. In addition to being a role model for safe driving practices, teach your young driver about good car maintenance, even before they begin to drive.

Need affordable and quality vehicle maintenance? Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Gary’s Quality Automotive by calling (308) 381-2295 or go on-line at for more information about car maintenance services. Our auto shop proudly serves vehicle owners in Grand Island, Wood River and Doniphan, NE.

Top 12 Automotive Wiring Tips

The best connection is a properly done solder joint. If you aren’t sure how to solder, crimp the connection then solder it. Cold solder joints not only introduce resistance, but they can come apart.

2) Keep your grounds as short as possible. It is far better to have a few more connections than a long ground that can build heat and introduce ground loops. It is common practice to run a ground wire from a high demand devise such as a fuel pump back to the battery. This not only adds additional loads to the pump or devise but also can lead to device failure. Have you ever seen a production auto with a ground cable longer than the positive cable?

3) If at all possible, use stainless hardware to fasten all primary cables. Some galvanic or plated hardware can cause dissimilar corrosion and can sometimes carry more impedance that its stainless counter parts. On smaller secondary circuits, this is not as important.

4) Battery storage. Keep batteries away from humidity. Keeping it charged will prolong its life. If a battery is dead, cool it before you charge it. Put in the refrigerator or outside if its cold. Cool batteries charge better.

5) Batteries specifications and charge rates are for 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature variations will change charge rates.

6) Use relays. Anytime you want to switch a device that draws more current than is provided by an output of a switch or component you’ll need to use a relay. The coil of an SPDT relay that we most commonly use draws very little current (less than 200 milliamps) and the amount of current that you can pass through a relay’s common, normally closed, and normally open contacts will handle up to 30 or 40 amps. This allows you to switch devices such as headlights, parking lights, horns, etc., with low amperage outputs such as those found on keyless entry and alarm systems, and other components. In some cases you may need to switch multiple things at the same time using one output. A single output connected to multiple relays will allow you to open continuity and/or close continuity simultaneously on multiple wires.

7) Most electromechanical devises are rated according to the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). You improve your odds of a long MTBF by keeping your electrical devices in a low humidity, low heat environment.

8) Do not ever use THHN/THWN wire. This wire (insulation) classification is not rated for automotive use. Cars move and vibrate which chafes the insulating material.

9) A wire that is rated for A/C voltage may have a different rating when used in low voltage D/C applications. Your house uses A/C, your car uses D/C.

10) The best primary power cable is a type TEW or MTW (Machine Tool Wire) as its rated for continuous use with higher amperage loads.

11) OFC (oxygen free copper) is by far the best cable for automotive use. However, it is expensive and requires a quality crimper and should be soldered for security. The most common application for this wire is high-end car stereo applications.

12) If you are like me, you may choose to skip OFC and go with TXL wire. TXL (thermal cross-linked) wire is next best. TXL wire has twice the voltage rating of standard GPT (general purpose) wire. Most high-end harnesses are made with this wire. If you want to keep your ride for the long haul, you may want to pony up for a harness made with this wire.