About Chevrolet Camaro – She’s Back!


Ever since General Motors ended production of its Camaro coupe back in 2002, enthusiasts have been wanting for it to return, something GM made good on in 2007 when they announced that the car, indeed, would be put back into production. All new for 2010, the latest edition of the Chevrolet Camaro is back and better than before.

I’m still a few weeks away from my first test drive, so my report is based on seeing the car at a pair of auto shows in Detroit and Los Angeles, talking with Chevrolet officials who had a hand in the design of the car, and reviewing company documentation. The newest model is sold out for the first four to six months of production, but a test vehicle will be at my local dealer within the next few weeks. I’ve already scheduled my first drive.  Pricing for the base V6-powered Camaro LS will be $22,995 while the V8-powered Camaro SS will retail for $30,995. In October 2008, General Motors began taking orders for the car, a full five months before production models rolled off of a Brampton, Ontario assembly line and tires rv covers.

The Camaro is built on GM’s global rear wheel drive architecture and each engine is paired with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Indeed, the latest iteration of the Camaro is about 25% more efficient than the car last produced in 2002, with no sacrifice to power. Credit modern technology with helping the coupe maximize horsepower while eating up less gas and emitting fewer pollutants.

Key features of the car include four-wheel disc brakes systems across the entire model line; six standard air bags, Bluetooth phone connectivity, remote vehicle starting system, four-wheel independent suspension, OnStar, XM Satellite Radio and more. Many of the features found on the 2010 didn’t even exist in 2002, so great is the difference between the two models.

Both the LS and LT models are powered by a 3.6L engine with variable timing included in an effort to optimize fuel performance and fuel economy. Still, this engine will achieve 300 horsepower and 273 lb.-feet of torque and get 27 mpg on the highway.

A high-performance Camaro SS with a monstrous 6.2L V8 is also available, yielding 422 horsepower and 408 lb.-feet of torque. That engine is based on the LS3, a powerplant that can be found under the hood of a Corvette.

Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance writer who resides in North Carolina. Matt is a contributing writer for Andy’s Auto Sport an aftermarket supplier of quality parts including Chevy Camaro wheels and Chevy Camaro rims.

Collector Car Market Report – 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 market has softened significantly in the last 12-18 months. The global recession is being felt in the collector car market. A few years ago, a 1969 Camaro Z28, any Camaro really, looked to be a Rocketship investment, regularly reaching six-figure bids. Now, good to great examples can be had for between $40-$60k.

That said, first generation Camaros have a lot going for them that will always keep them desirable. Secondly, the all-new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was designed specifically as a modern version of the 1969 classic. Finally, they are oh so fun to drive!

To keep your car burning rubber now and into the future, aftermarket, NOS, and factory-authorized reproduction parts are plentiful. The first-generation Camaro is probably one of the easiest cars to keep on the road out there. Perhaps the most important thing to look out for when shopping is rust, which can be hiding just about anywhere. Don’t assume the owner has been vigilant. Dig deep to prove it for yourself.

Besides that, make sure the car is original and not a clone, unless you want a clone, which can save you thousands of dollars for 90% of the fun. Also, these are not refined luxury automobiles and will always squeak and rattle. Whether you’re a Whether you’re a die-hard Camaro disciple or just want a great muscle car, first generation Camaros are easy to fix, to restore to original or to customize to your heart’s content.

Chris also follows the collector car market closely and launched CarAuctionWatch.com to help collectors and enthusiasts see what their dream cars are running for.

An Introduction to the Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro first came into being in the USA in 1966. General Motors, Chevrolet’s parent company, had to develop a car to give much needed competition to the market dominating Ford Mustang. The 1967 Camaro shared a chassis and many main components with the Pontiac Firebird (one more General Motors company), and so the speed and finances needed to make the Camaro were massively reduced.

Often called a muscle car, or ‘Pony’ car, a term that back then referred to compact cars that were affordable and had a sports feel about their looks (a style initiated by the Ford Mustang in 1964), the Camaro joined an ever increasing selection of vehicles that were pushing for an ever growing demand. US buyers loved the engine, the look and the low cost of such vehicles and the growing sales guaranteed that plenty of manufacturers made their own variations out as rapidly as possible.

The 1970’s and 80’s saw the Camaro’s heyday, when the car was sought after by millions of car enthusiasts, not only in the States but across the globe. The balance of looks, performance and various TV shows romanticizing muscle cars contributed to a massive demand, and the desire for enthusiasts to own one never disappeared.

Five distinct generations of the car have been built. Generations one to four were produced between 1966 and 2002 (when producing of the Camaro and Firebird both ceased), and production of the fifth generation Camaro started again in 2009 and even with opposition to such environmentally unfriendly muscle cars from environmental campaigners, the Camaro has been shown to once again be a big success with the North American public.

The Camaro was at times available in a hardtop and a convertible, the convertible was hugely popular with buyers from sea bordering areas who loved the thought of driving along the beach side streets with the roof down, the stereo up and the baseball caps on. A variety of Camaro’s have appeared on screen, most notably a Camaro was the vehicle mode car for the Bumblebee character from the 2007 feature film Transformers, being both a 1976 second generation model, and later in the movie moving to a 5th-generation version. The Camaro has a huge number of enthusiasts with some owners having owned every version of the car at one time or another and others holding on to 1960’s variations and maintaining them in pristine condition.

The car has been a very popular car for modification during the car’s lifetime, with many buyers spending time and cash adding aftermarket additions to improve their car’s looks and power. Camaro’s have also been hugely strong in racing winning many Trans-Am series titles and any number of other races and championships through its lifetime. Plenty of racers still use old generation Camaro’s even now and are still very successful, winning against much more modern cars.

The Camaro is still with us today, and with its history, performance and eye-catching looks from the latest incarnation, the car is sure to be around for years to come. This piece was written by Jake Dean from Next Concept Cars. The greatest website for up to date news, the greatest reviews and details on the latest concept cars, muscle cars and the latest on the Camaro Z28.

The Chevrolet Camaro is Back in 2010

After more than 5 long years of being out of production, the 2010 Chevy Camaro has arrived back on the scene with ferocious desire to eat up and destroy its competition. When the Camaro went out of production after the 2002 models, it depressed long-time Camaro fans around the world, and most thought it would never return.

Ford Mustang on Cruise Control

With the Camaro gone, the Ford Mustang didn’t have much competition in the form of pony cars, so Ford had a short period of “cruising” time to make and sell the mediocre Mustang to people who really didn’t have any other choices. The 2010 Camaro has changed all of that.

Camaro Beats The Ford Mustang

Not only is the new Camaro back from the dead, but its faster, more powerful, better handling, more luxurious and more desirable than ever! The Camaro SS houses a 6.2-liter 426 horsepower engine that runs a 4.6 second 0-60 and a 13.0 second quarter mile. The Ford Mustang’s lousy 4.6-liter, 315 horsepower engine lags far behind in the race to be the best new pony car for 2010… The Chevy Camaro easily takes the lead.

The Camaro has also upgraded the 2010 braking system to the high-performance 4-piston Brembo brakes and 20-inch wheels fused with Pirelli P245/45ZR-20 tires on the SS version. This has a lot of Camaro fans raging, as most sports car enthusiast tend to upgrade their brakes after purchasing, this no longer needs to be done. The Camaro comes ready for stop and go performance all around.

The smooth interior offers a contemporary retro fitting of digital gauges and options but is done so in perfect harmony with the overall appearance of the vehicle. With many options available, there’s going to be a perfect personality fit for just about everyone looking to buy a 2010 Camaro.

2010 Camaros For Sale

If you are even thinking about purchasing a new 2010 Camaro, then I suggest you place your order today before you miss the opportunity!

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Cover craft Car Covers: A Superior Product

Smart decision. Not only are vehicles susceptible to dents and scratches while in storage uncovered, you could also largely decrease the overall life of your vehicle by not protecting it properly. Protective covers are a good way to tackle these specific problems. In addition, you wind up saving a great deal of cash in the end in potential vehicle repairs by paying a bit upfront for a way to protect it. There is really nothing at all better. Now that you have made your decision to purchase an indoor car cover, though, you must be astute about the particular brand you choose. One of the most traditional mistakes made by would-be protective car cover consumers is not learning about the specific materials and methods of production that go into making. While this is not a negative thing, if your car cover doesn’t breathe, you are going to come across an issue with it in the future. If it doesn’t allow the air to circulate, any moisture or condensation that makes it way under the cover has no way of evaporating. This can obviously damage your car in the end. In the same vein, heat build-up can be harmful for your car.


Not only are all their specific materials breathable, Cover craft provides protective car covers for a variety of different storage conditions. Some of the material choices that you can select are poly cotton, flannel, and specific fabrics that shield against weather or fit the vehicle in a very specific way. All Cover craft covers come with double-stitched overlapped seams to make it as strong as possible. Neoprene elastic is sewn into the whole cover frame to ensure a good fit with your automobile. The material is also tested to make sure it is not abrasive to guarantee no scratching will happen.

Winter Woes Calls for Car Covers

Winter is definitely here. Along with it, have come the many colds, runny noses, coughs and sneezes. Everyone is feeling under the weather. Including your car. You do not realize it but, your car also gets ill in the winter. Whilst it may not have a runny nose (thank goodness!), it gets its own ailments due to the winter weather. They certainly did not get there by themselves. This is a result of the constant rain and snow fall that keeps coming down. They leave awful satins and make your car look most unsightly.

Aside from this, you have also noticed peeling, and patchy paintwork. This is due to the high levels of acid found in the today’s rain. The acid eats away at the paintwork, and the result remains for all to see. With time, the rain also will cause your car’s bodywork to rust, if it hasn’t already. As a result of snow fall, the car freezes over. This is a down-right nuisance when you want to drive off to work in the mornings, and instead have to wait for over half an hour for the car to defrost. Aside from the inconvenience involved, it is also extremely dangerous. Frozen cars mean frozen brakes. Frozen brakes mean ineffective breaking that can actually cause hazardous driving and fatal accidents.

Windstorms are another dimension of winter weather and with them comes more havoc as far as your car is concerned. When the wind strikes, any bits of rubble, such as sticks and stones, that have been left in the streets are suddenly now hurdling through the air at top speeds. Invariably, as they fly past, the end up scratching and denting cars. All of this can be prevented by car covers. Waterproof car covers mean that the rain, sleet and snow simply run down the edge of cover, and do not even get a look in at the car. Your car beneath remains bone dry.

Winter Weather Calls for Need of Car Covers

In the winter especially, everyone is trying their best to protect their cars. No one likes it when they come out in the morning to find their car frozen over. Or peeling paint. The rain, sleet, snow and wind are the main culprits. Acid levels in the rain today are high, and they literally eat way at the car’s paintwork. This, unfortunately, is extremely dangerous and even fatal. This is aside from the inconvenience of having to wait for ages in the mornings for the car to defrost. Winds cause all sorts of marks on cars. Anything that has been left lying in the street when a windstorm starts, suddenly find themselves hurdling through the air. This includes sticks and stones, and other rubble.  It becomes a weather beaten, worn out, banger on four wheels. You will end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to clean, polish and repair the damage. Why sit their idly, watching it happen, when it is so easy to prevent it? You will end up cutting out on all those expenses, and the value of your car will not decelerate so quickly.

Reasons Why Utilizing a Protective Car Cover Is A Good Idea

A person’s car represents a main financial purchase and because of this, you should properly care for your investment the best way possible. Since the paint on your car is a very thin layer (often only approximately 0.005 inches thick), it can be easily scratched by several factors and a car with nicked or destroyed paintwork is just not exactly the most appealing sight.  Scratches and dents. Automobiles will get dented or a scratch due to usual wear and tear and only coated that is armor plated can provide total protection.  Damage caused from nature. Nature frequently one way or the other inflicts damage on our paintwork in the form of dirt, pollen and sap from trees or bird poop.

Weather inflicted damage. Rough climate conditions can inflict substantial harm on the finish and appearance of your vehicle. For instance, rain can get into tiny scrapes on your paint and kick start the corrosive process which can be accelerated if there’s acid rain where you live.  Protection from theft. People who steal vehicles are pressured to complete their crime in the smallest amount time and most of the time avoids covered cars because of the extra time it takes. You can further dissuade thieves by utilizing a lock and cable to secure the protective cover.

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Automotive Locksmiths Dont Panic! If You Lost The Car Keys

When the security is the concern, then the locks should be given much importance. Locks are easy and effective way in order to avoid the burglary and theft. It is therefore; important that the locks should be obtained from some reliable and good source so that the house and automobile safety wouldnt be at risk.

It is better to understand first that who are automotive locksmiths and what are their peculiarities. Like other types of locksmiths, automotive locksmiths serve the people by providing them the keys of the locks and repair the defected locks of the car or any automobile. This is the most precious service since by virtue of that, people would find relief when they got tense in the environment of insecurity. People are still unaware about the various capabilities and abilities of automotive locksmiths that besides making the new keys, they can perform a lot of jobs.

Many of the incidences could happen in the life of a man when he would need immediate help. For instance; leaving the keys in the car may raise high concerns for security. A person cant leave his car in order to perform his work, since there could be more chances of stealing. Sometimes, by mistake a person leaves his car without carrying his kids with him. At these instances, the automotive locksmith would come promptly in order to resolve the issue.

People can even call to the dealers and manufacturers of the automobiles when they loss the car keys, however; in this way they have to pay more, even two to three times, as compared to the charges taken by automotive locksmiths. Another benefit of asking the services of automotive locksmiths is that they serve quick service and they remain available 24 hours a day. On the other hand the problem in calling the manufacturers is that they couldnt come as earlier as compared to the automotive locksmiths in order to repair the locks and keys.

The automotive locksmiths are provided with specialized and complex instruments with which it is not difficult for them to open the locked doors within minutes. They can make the car keys again and can install the new locks in the automobiles. These vehicle locksmiths are furnished with specialized maps for their effective and quick movement inside the city and the drivers are also well trained to reach at the destiny without wasting time.

The services of vehicle locksmith are also important and precious for those people who have little kids and who dont know how to open or close the car doors. Sometimes they close the doors and get locked inside with the car keys. At that moment in order to avoid any medical emergency, the opening of the car door is much important. Every person couldnt be expert in opening the car doors without the keys and hence at that moment the vehicle locksmiths could furnish marvelous service by opening the locked doors without the car keys.

If anybody desires to get the valuable services of automotive locksmiths of Las Vegas then he should know the real contact details.

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4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

The Benefits Of 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

In stores, we will often come across experiences wherein we observe an individual that is sitting down in a scooter and going about their shopping process. Sometimes there is a basket attached to the scooter and other times there are not. We will see them move up and down the aisles, and for the safety of themselves and others they will often beep when they are backing up in order to alert others. The 4 wheel mobility scooters enable a person to ride along on the scooter much in the manner or a small and personalized car.

The four wheels provide a comfortable situation for the individual to be in, and they easily allow the person to go backwards, forwards, left and right. This is very beneficial for individuals that are hurt, and still need to go grocery shopping. For example, if a person breaks one or both of their legs, this will have no effect on their eating schedule. Even while their legs heal, they will likely still need to eat, play and work. Having an injury should not prevent a person from performing any of these processes. The application of a 4 wheel mobility scooter will enable the individual to focus on just these necessary things. There are different types of scooters that exist on the market today, and 4 wheel mobility scooters were some of the first ones that were produced and put on the market for individuals to invest in when it comes to personalized transportation and assistance. Not only are they reliable and durable, but they have been around long enough for the manufacturers to understand what is and is not helpful in designing these items.

There are more places than individuals may know exist when it comes to outlets for purchasing these types of mobility scooters. Some of us may have observed the commercials on television late at night talking about these mobility scooters, but we are not just limited to purchasing these devices from late night infomercials. The truth is that there are a number of companies that make these available new to individuals, but there are even more places from which a person can purchase a used mobility scooter with 4 wheels, including from a newspaper’s classified ads section, an online auction site or item forum, or from an online store that is selling 4 wheel mobility scooters.

The reasons for individuals wanting to purchase these items vary, but for the most part they are purchased by individuals that are caused pain when they are on their feet for a long period of time. For example, individuals that have any broken bones in their body from the waist down and are trying to heal can benefit. So, too, can individuals that are considered to be overweight, since in some situations this can cause stress and strain on the body, doing more harm than good when it comes to walking around grocery shopping, for example. The advantages that this type of device can provide to the individual can vary from person to person, but there are many advantages to discover.

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Automotive Mechanic Checklist

Automotive Mechanic Checklist-(Your Checklist to the Right Automotive Mechanic)

Your car is a precious investment to you. You probably use it everyday. Just like when your sick you go to a professional doctor, the same to true for your car when it is sick or needs repair. You need to go a professional mechanic.

Finding the right mechanic for your car repairs is not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is to know what a good mechanic is made of. Have your checklist handy and you will be all set to choosing the right mechanic for your car repair needs.

Relevant Training and Knowledge
Whenever you are trying to check out a good mechanic it is better that you do your homework first before going in and bringing your car for repair or service. You should research if the auto mechanic has acquired the correct training which is being offered in their shop. Training, educational, or specialization certificates or some proof of their achieved grades is of essence. This may seem like a high-standard but this will be surely helpful knowing that the mechanic you are about to entrust your car to is knowledgeable and competent on his field.

Experience and Time
Another good point to add in your checklist is the experience the mechanic has in this field. You may inquire how long have they been in the specific specialization they have, how long have they been doing car repairs as well as what other specific auto repairs have they already accomplished. Having the knowledge about this assures you that your car’s problem will easily be solved and that your car is in good hands. Also, for car repair shops you can inquire how long they have been in business as good businesses providing honest, high-quality service usually endure time and last longer than those other lesser car repair shops.

Services Offered
You may also want to, of course, check what services are being offered in a specific car repair shop. Every car has different needs and not all repair shops may have the specific auto mechanic you want for your car’s needs. Always check if the service you want done is being offered or not.

Cleanliness and Orderliness
Aside from those mentioned, you must also observe and take into consideration how organized, clean and orderly a mechanic or their shop is. This will tell you a lot about your mechanic’s work ethics and personality. It is ideal and advisable that a mechanic must be trustworthy and honest, as well as hardworking. In most cases your will only know this after your car service or repair, unless you have been recommended by a friend or relatives. For beginners, observation is your tool. Observe how clean and orderly a shop is from the lobby and the work area. This simple test will surely help you decide on how careful, orderly, and organize your mechanic is, as well as how their shop is being managed.

There are still other things you may want to add but for the basics, the above mentioned are a must in selecting the right auto mechanic for you.

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What Are Tubeless Tyres

Tubeless tyres are tyres that do not have tubes within. The tyre and the rim of the wheel form an airtight container to seal the air as the tubeless tyre has an inner lining of halobutyl. The valve is directly mounted on the rim. Whereas, a tube tyre has a balloon type bladder to keep it inflated.

A Tubeless tyre can be repaired without removing it from the Car. Compared to tubed tyres, the tubeless tyres provide advantages in terms of safety and better mileage. Tubeless tyres have been in use since the last half century in many countries.

Since tube is eliminated , friction between tyre & tube is not experienced, thus lower resistance, less vibrations , less heat generation and better comfort. Also, chances of Tyre tube getting pinched under the bead while mounting are eliminated & the number of components used in a tyre wheel assembly gets reduced.

If a tubeless tyre gets punctured, air escapes only through the hole created by the nail, thus giving substantial time between a puncture and a flat tyre. The tyre wheel assembly continues to perform its function for some time before going flat. This is one of the biggest advantages of a tubeless tyre. However, if there is a sharp penetration in a tube tyre, the air in the tube starts leaking suddenly in all directions. This causes the wheel assembly to loose stability thereby resulting in accidents.

Other Advantages:
1. Better Safety
2. Better fuel efficiency
3. Cost saving on tube
4. Less chance of damage in case of flat running
5. Better heat dissipation
6. No tube related problems
7. Less balance weight required

Today in India, almost all Cars such as the Honda Accord, Honda City ,Opel Vectra, the full Mercedes range, Chevrolet Optra, Honda Civic, Ford Ikon and Toyota Qualis all use
Tubeless tyres .

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Automotive Management Solutions Streamlining Business With Ro Writer

Managing your automotive business can be a hassle. You may be wondering, “Where do I start?” There is inventory to keep track of, customers to deal with, and team production to monitor. With so many things going on at once, it can be difficult to keep tabs on the bottom line. Automotive Management Solutions is the company to turn to when you are trying to figuring things out. AMS helps set up RO Writer in your business and trains all of your employees so that your business can grow. Sure, you can continue handling any issue that turns up, but you really could thrive by following these simple principles.

Strong Communication with your customers is the most important factor in having a successful autoshop. What do your customers want? What do they need? Many times, your customer needs a quote on a specific repair. A lot of times, these quotes can take twenty or more minutes before they know what they need to pay for. This waiting time is bad for customers. There is no solid communication going on. The customer gets impatient and sometimes upset when they realize how expensive a repair is going to be. With RO Writer, you can deliver a quote within 60 seconds. Sixty seconds! This is because RO Writer has all the information it needs to deliver this quote. Does your current automotive software do that? RO Writer knows your vendors, the cost of all the parts, and your customer profile right there in the system. It doesn’t need to reach around to a few different places. By delivering quick quotes to your customers, you can spend more time consoling them and working on their cars. Think of how many extra hours you will have in a day by following this principle! RO Writer keeps a detailed customer profile for each of your clients. It remembers what kind of car they have, what services the car needs, what services the car has, and the dates that the client visited your shop. It automatically sends out friendly emails, thanking the customer for his or her business and sends out friendly reminders when it is time for a particular service such as an oil change or a tire rotation.

While number crunching isn’t the most fun thing to do while working, it is important if you want to make sure that you are maximizing your profits. Automotive Management Solutions will show you how RO Writer automatically sends out invoices when a payment is due. It will also set up daily production goals to make sure your team is staying on top of things.

All work and no fun can hinder your companies productiveness. Yes, setting goals is necessary in order to make sure that your business is thriving, but it is equally important to set up reward systems. RO Writer software helps you set up awesome reward systems for your team so that production keeps occuring.
RO Writer is a powerful tool that can drive your business to the success it needs. Call up the Automotive Management Solutions Team to set up an appointment. In 45 minutes, they can analyze your business and help it get up to speed.

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The Advantages Of Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Love of daring and excitement is widespread and many people like to try new things that get the adrenaline rushing. One of the things that has this appeal is the thrill of motorcycle racing. However much fun it is, it cannot be denied that it can be a dangerous sport. One way to cut down this risk is to wear proper leather protective clothing and in fact there are laws in many countries that specify what protective clothing should be worn. Leather motorcycle chaps can be a good choice for protective gear for your lower body.

Motorcycle Protective Clothing

The most important piece of protective gear is, of course, your helmet and you should make sure that you always wear an approved helmet. Leather motorcycle jackets are the next thing you will probably think of, which will keep you warm as well as providing protection to you upper body. Many people however do not think of wearing leather motorcycle chaps which can be comfortable, warm and give excellent protection to the lower body.

Motorcycle chaps may be familiar to us from cowboy movies and are like pants with holes. They can easily be removed after riding, so are ideal if you don’t want to wear leather pants but do need the protection to your lower body that the chaps will provide. They are great in the summer as they are cooler to wear than leather pants but give as good protection in the event of an accident.

Some Advantages of Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Leather protective clothing is ideal for motorcycle riding but can be hot and sweaty in the summer. Leather motorcycle chaps will be abrasion proof so will be excellent protection and will easily survive falling off the bike to be worn another day! They can also be found in a variety of colors from the traditional brown and black to khaki and denim colored.

Some people think that motorcycle chaps look strange but you don’t need to walk around in them and they will give you better protection than a pair of jeans or other material pants. The protection they offer for the legs and lower body is as good as wearing full leather pants but they are cooler and easy to wear.


If you are a motorcycle enthusiast you really need to be aware of safety and the need to wear adequate protective gear. Leather is the material of choice as it will give you the best protection in an accident and leather motorcycle chaps are an excellent addition to your motorcycle riding gear.

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Car Accessories The Best Aftermarket Wheels

Car accessories can make any simple-looking vehicle appear advanced and functional. The market offers various types of car accessories. Some are meant to improve the performance of your vehicle while others better the appearance of it.

You don’t have to turn to shops that sell very expensive car accessories when you want to improve your vehicle. There are stores that sell car accessories at a reasonable price. Also, you can go online to check the best deals around. You will be able to make your car more comfortable and more functional while saving money at the same time.

The following tips should be kept in mind when shopping for car accessories.


Do you spend a lot of time inside your car when you are traveling or commuting? If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider improving the interior of your car so that you will feel more comfortable while traveling in it. The most important parts to improve when it comes to car interior are car seats and seat covers. To make the seats cooler, it only takes extra padding or some special material to do it. Different seat covers are also available for you to choose from. Surely, there is a seat cover that matches your style and personality.


Exterior car accessories do a lot for a vehicle. These accessories add a bit of performance to your car and make it look nicer. The first thing people will notice is how your car looks so not only does your car need to have performance but it’s also important to have a bad-ass looking ride.

There are car accessories that help prevent bugs from splattering from your windshield. Another function of bug deflectors is that they also protect your windshield from nicks that come from high-speed impact objects.

A very popular car exterior accessory is made with carbon fiber components. These not only make your car lighter, thus improving your speed, but it is also great to look at. The most common part of the car converted using carbon fiber is the hood. Some enthusiasts don’t just stop with the hood. A lot of enthusiasts build custom body kits made out of carbon fiber. This isn’t really recommended if you’re under a budget but if you’re willing to spend it can greatly improve the look and performance of your car.

For tall vehicles, there are boards and steps that will allow people to easily get in the vehicle. Those who travel a lot or spend a lot of time inside the vehicle will find the roof rack important. They can put many of their items there if there’s not enough space inside the trunk. The roof rack will come handy when going on outdoor trips that require you to bring so many things with you.

Bike racks can also be installed on the vehicle. Cyclists or bike enthusiasts may buy this so that they will be able to bring their bicycles when going to places that are far from their homes.

LED lights may prove to be very useful to vehicle owners as they prevent road accidents. How does this happen? Well they make your car more visible on the road during night time. Obviously, this lessens the chances you will get in an accident.

Lastly, if you want the life of your car to last longer, you should get it a car cover. It has a variety of uses. One of which is protecting the car from outside elements.

Audio Accessories

Your car would be more fun to drive if it has a sound system which can let you listen to your favorite songs while driving. Indeed, no one wants to feel bummed while driving. It can make the commute boring. Aside from a sound system, you can purchase DVD players for your vehicle. This would benefit the passengers, especially during long distance trips. They can be bought from car accessories stores and the price would depend on its brand and size.

Aside from buying car accessories, there are other ways in which you can take care of your car. You should be able to change its oil when needed. Regular maintenance is always a must with cars. They keep your car running at 100% and you avoid greater expenses by doing so. Also, you have to get your car insurance so that if ever you get in an accident, you will not be paying huge sum of money just to restore your car.

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Automotive Lifts And Shop Safety

Most automotive repair shops and facilities use a vehicle lifting system to make accurate and effective inspections and repairs. Whether it is a small shop specializing in quick oil changes or a full-service repair shop that works on large, heavy-duty vehicles, every facility should put the right safety measures in place to reduce the risk of injury or accidents occurring. When it comes to complex and potentially dangerous machinery such as automotive lifts, proper training is required, as well as full awareness of technician responsibilities regarding auto lift operation and maintenance. Car lifts, truck lifts, bus lifts and other vehicle lifts should also have the proper certification in order to verify that the system is safe for use. Below, learn more about how to keep a repair shop safe with automotive lift safety tips.

Proper Training:
When operating automotive lifts, the proper training is necessary to understand the types of lifts and how each lift works. Lifting a vehicle off the ground presents a great deal of risks and hazards, and the inability to operate the machinery correctly and respond appropriately should an accident occur could lead to serious damage and injury. There are several different types of lifts, each that moves a different way for different purposes. By understanding how each type of lift raises and lowers vehicles, technicians know which lift to use for servicing certain types of vehicles correctly, as well as which areas to keep clear when operating the lift. Technicians must also understand the proper lifting points and vehicle position to ensure safety in the shop.

Operator and Technician Responsibilities:
Besides receiving the proper training before operating automotive lifts, repair shop technicians must also be constantly alert and aware of their surroundings. Before raising or lowering a vehicle, technicians should be aware of any loose items that may fall and cause injury, or any tools, equipment or people in the area that may be at risk while the automotive lift is in use. If a technician notices that the lift is not working properly, the problem should be reported to the supervisor or shop manager immediately to ensure the lift receives proper repairs. Operators, technicians and other shop workers should always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, safety goggles and coveralls, to reduce the risk of injury.

Standards and Certifications:
Complying with industry standards and receiving the right certification for a shop lift verifies that a lift is properly maintained and safe for use. Automotive lifts should meet the mechanical and electrical safety standards as recognized by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).

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