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Vehicle Maintenance A Safe Vehicle For Your Teen Driver

Last month, we discussed the safety of your teenage driver by considering five crucial driving rules. Now, let’s discuss another important step to make sure your teen is safe behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s important to make sure that all recommended vehicle maintenance has been performed on a timely basis. An inexperienced teen driver may not be aware of signs of basic car maintenance issues.

To make sure your teen is as safe as possible while driving, be sure to take care of basic vehicle maintenance, including:

Spark plugs and wires Keep them clean of dirt and corrosion. Inefficient spark plugs decrease vehicle performance and fuel mileage.
Caps (fuel tank, radiator, brake and transmission fluids) Make sure caps are tight and seals are good to keep out water and debris.
Headlights Clean cloudy and dirty headlights.
Tires Properly inflated tires wear more evenly and increase gas mileage. Check the inflation pressure frequently as changes in temperature can make it fluctuate. Rotate tires on a regular basis to prevent premature tread wear.
Car Interior Set the example by teaching your teenager to keep the interior clean–wash floor mats, windows, interior lights, and dash board. They may not enjoy it now, but they will appreciate it as they get older.
Air filter Have it checked and changed as necessary to keep the circulating air clean.
Fluid levels Have the level of all critical fluids checked frequently and top-off as needed.
Wiper blades Be ready for the rainy season by replacing old wiper blades. Make sure the washer fluid reservoir is filled and clean.
Oil Change Have regular oil changesthe key to a longer lasting car

As a parent or guardian, you are the number one influence in molding your teenager into a safe and capable driver. In addition to being a role model for safe driving practices, teach your young driver about good car maintenance, even before they begin to drive.

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